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American Crane and Safety Team

Our instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable in their fields and have the passion to teach others. They are former crane operators, crane inspectors, rigging inspectors, business owners and OSHA instructors at the OSHA OTI level. Each instructor has the approach and demeanor necessary to involve the students in this training process.

Our Team

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Scott Weldon

Scott Weldon has been a Certified Level I and II Rigger and Signal Person Trainer for the past 6 years and a Certified Crane Operator and Crane Inspector for over a decade.

Scott’s fascination with cranes began at the very early age of 10 when operated his first crane on his grandfather’s farm.  At about 12, he moved to Wisconsin with his family where his father started a construction company.  When his father needed an extra hand and he wasn’t in school (and even sometimes when he was supposed to be) and mostly when a crane was going to be on-site to set trusses or component walls, Scott would be there to help.

Later, when he purchased the construction company from his father, he also purchased several cranes and started his own rental house.

Scott has held contractor’s licenses in Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee and Florida, but he has never felt more comfortable than when he is working with cranes in some respect.  After he sold his construction and crane businesses in the early 2000’s, he decided he would take a break.  Well that didn’t last long.  He went to work for a company where he began teaching rigging safety.  He felt a satisfaction that he had not felt before.  So, he decided to take it a step further and do this full time.  In addition to teaching the fundamentals, Scott can share his immense experience and initiate discussions based on his personal experiences in the field.  He is able to answer questions that arise from those discussions.  This is something that cannot be shown in a manual but is of the greatest value to his students.


  • Tall Timber Builders, Inc. – Owner
  • Lakes Crane Company – Owner
  • Southland Crane – Owner
  • Energy Alternatives – Partner
  • Diversified Lifting Systems - Safety Trainer and Sales
  • American Crane and Safety– Owner


  • Rigging Inspector
  • Rigging Inspector Instructor
  • Rigging Level I/II/III Instructor
  • Rigging Awareness Instructor
  • Certified Signalperson Instructor (ANSI/AME and OSHA standards)
  • 3M Fall Protection Instructor
  • MEWP Operator Instructor
  • Forklift Operator Instructor
  • Former Certified Crane Operator
  • Former Certified Crane Inspector
Orlando Porrata Signal Rigging Training in Spanish

Orlando Porrata

Orlando Porrata is a Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP) with over 20 years of experience as an Occupational Safety and Health Professional in regulatory compliance and risk reduction for multiple industries including construction, mining, chemicals and manufacturing.  He is passionate about work place safety and those who have had the opportunity to work with him or participate in his classes have experienced that passion firsthand.

Orlando is also an instructor for the OSHA OTI center at the University of South Florida in Tampa FL, as well as an authorized OSHA Instructor and an Instructor Trainer in all aspects of mining with MSHA, a provider for FDOT to teach all three levels of the Maintenance of Traffic Courses (MOT/TTC).

He is experienced in a variety of disciplines, including, ISO 45001/ISO14001 development, implementation and evaluation.

Orlando has vast experience and facilitates classes in EMR/MOD rates, internal injury investigation and handling.

He leads a group of dedicated safety consulting professionals who share his passion and understand real world business concerns, while finding creative, effective and affordable solutions that benefit both workers and employers.

Mr. Porrata has represented companies regarding OSHA citations, fatality, EPA violations, and has serve as an expert witness for OSHA/MSHA and MOT cases. He has traveled to South America to facilitate Spanish OSHA training to multiple international companies for their civil engineers.


  • Risk Manager
  • Safety Director
  • USF OSHA-OTI Instructor
  • South Florida Community College Safety Instructor
  • MSHA Instructor
  • FDOT MOT Instructor/Provider
  • Human Resource Director
  • Claims Director
  • Special Insurance Manager: Builders Risk/Railroad/LEG3
  • Chief Engineer Intercontinental Hotel Group
  • Operations Manager (Surface Mining Aggregates, Ready Mix/Blocks/Pre-Stress


  • Safety Health & Environmental Management Systems (ISO 45001/ISO14001)
  • HazMat
  • OSHA Signal Person/Spotter
  • Rigging Inspector
  • Rigger I/II Instructor
  • Fit Test Instructor
  • Forklift Instructor
  • OSHA Authorized 10/30hr. Construction/General Industry/Maritime.
  • MSHA Authorized Trainer (New Miner/Annual Refresher)
  • CSX/NS On-Track Roadway Contractor Safety Instructor