Basic Entertainment Rigging Training

Designed to provide participants with the ground-rigging basic knowledge of inspecting rigging gear, load control, rigging procedures and techniques used in the entertainment industry through lessons, problem-solving workshops, and videos.

If it’s not on the ground then more than likely you will need rigging. Suspending speakers, truss, lighting, video and scenic equipment in the air is serious business and safety should always be the first order of business.

Arena rigging, theatrical rigging and tour production rigging require a large playbook of experience to keep things safe and on time. Whether your application is permanent or touring, attention to detail, the proper methods or principles and first-rate quality equipment are required to ensure all equipment is flown, attached or suspended correctly.

Our Basic Entertainment Rigging training consists of two modules. You don’t have to enroll in both modules at the same time. Take Module 1 and then, when you’re ready, take Module 2.

  • Module 1 – covers the essentials of basic rigging including slings, hooks, shackles and other rigging hardware
  • Module 2 covers calculation of sling angles and tensions, center of gravity, practical exercises, and entertainment rigging devices
Entertainment Industry Rigging Training

Basic Entertainment Rigging Training Courses Material

Our two Basic Entertainment Rigging and Inspection courses cover the following topics:

  • Terms and Definitions
  • Safety Standards and Regulations
  • Inspections
  • Wire Rope Slings proper inspection and use
  • Chain Slings proper inspection and use
  • Web Slings proper inspection and use
  • Round Slings proper inspection and use
  • Wire Strand Slings proper inspection and use
  • Rope and Rope Slings
  • Rigging Hardware and Hooks
  • Hoists
  • Rigging Fundamentals
  • Tensions and Angles
  • Truss Systems
  • Anchoring Locations
  • Static and Dynamic Loading
  • Safety Cables for Lights and Speakers
  • Working on the Grid
  • Sling Hitches