Master Rigger Training

The Master Rigger is just below the Lift Director. This person must have an extremely good skill set in regard to lifting and moving of extremely heavy or complicated pieces. The Master Rigger must have good academic training and the skill set necessary to help design the rigging project and direct the Journeyman Rigger. He/she must also have the ability to work with engineers to help make determinations as to the strengths of attachment points and the item being lifted.

Master Rigger Training Program

Master Rigger Class Prerequsites

Requires at least 2 years of crane and rigging experience.

Master Rigger Training Course Material

Designed to qualify you as a Master Rigger, our 1 day course teaches advanced rigging principles and methods. You will learn how to tail, drift, jack and roll a load, mutable crane lifts, and 2 crane lifts. The ACS Master Rigger Training covers the following topics:

  • OSHA regulations
  • ASME regulations
  • Load Turning
  • Tail, drift, jack and roll load principles
  • Spreader beams and spreader bars
  • Mutable Crane Lifts
  • 2 crane picks
  • Tuggers and Winches
  • Rolling devices and Air Pads