Fall Protection Training

When is Fall Protection Training required?

Per OSHA 1910.30 effective May 17, 2017, before any employee is exposed to a fall hazard the employer must provide training for each employee exposed to such hazard.  This training must be performed by a Trained Qualified Person.

This course is recommended for all individuals working at heights. It will point out hazards and issues involved with fall protection and drive home the need to protect workers and the know how to engineer out a problem.

Upon completion of this course the students will have met the OSHA 1910.30 and ANSI requirements.

Fall Protection Authorized Person Training

Fall Protection Course Material

Our Authorized Person training provides the necessary training to allow the employee to work at heights. This course covers the OSHA Fall Protection Standard for construction and an overview of fall protection methods.

Course topics include principles of fall protection, components and limitations of fall arrest systems, and OSHA Standards and policies regarding fall protection.

Students will participate in workshops demonstrating the inspection and use of fall protection equipment, residential construction fall protection, training requirements, and developing a fall protection program.

Upon course completion students will have the ability to assess compliance with the OSHA Fall Protection Standard, evaluate installed passive systems and fall arrest systems, and develop and implement fall protection plans.